About Dr. Madan Pratap Khuteta Homeopathic Hospital

Dr. Madan Pratap Khuteta Homeopathic Hospital Our interest is that why and who the plants and trees survive in the polluted atmosphere, changeable weather, Insects, Bacteria, Chemical and other unfavorable conditions and remain greenish. This is the core point of our study and treatment process. Considering this theory the main base we provide treatment utilizing natural resources not to the particular symptoms or a specific disease but to the whole body by treating the cause of the disease. So that the patient cured completely from the disease and the body save itself form the disease and do not ill again i.e. the disease completely remove from the body.

Dr. Madan Pratap Khuteta Homeopathic Hospital Price & Mode of Payment

Price Range: Rs. 300 - Rs. 20,000
Pay via: cash, upi, netbanking/cheque,

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