About Manjeet Restaurant

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*Home Delivery
*Takeaway Available
*Desserts and Bakes
*No Seating Available

Manjeet Restaurant Price & Mode of Payment

Price Range: Rs. 200 - Rs. 20,000
Pay via: cash, upi, netbanking/cheque, debitcard, creditcard

Manjeet Restaurant Product/Service List:

Name Price
Dal Makhani
Rs. 240.00
Shahi Paneer
Rs. 340.00
Manjeet Special Butter Chicken
Rs. 260.00
Special Chicken Tandoori
Rs. 260.00
Special Tawa Chicken
Rs. 260.00
Kadai Chicken
Rs. 260.00
Chicken Shawarma [3 Rolls in a Box]
Rs. 240.00
Chicken Shawarma ( in-house specialty )
Rs. 60.00
Manjeet Special Chicken Beliram
Rs. 500.00
Chicken Curry
Rs. 260.00

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Business Hours
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 6pm–12am
Thursday 6pm–12am
Friday 6pm–12am
(Christmas Day)
Hours might differ
Sunday 6pm–12am
Monday 6pm–12am
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