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A combination you may not try that often, spinach and blue cheese come together to create a delicious sauce for an easy gnochhi meal!
You can make restaurant quality ramen at home with just a effort and a lot of time. If you love ramen this is a must-have recipe in your repertoire!
Ramen Tare is the sauce that distinguishes regular soup from Ramen! Elevate your bowl of ramen with a simple Tare that is a savory umami bomb.
Sneak in some vegetables to your pasta with Creamy Zucchini and Bacon Spaghetti. With cheese and bacon, you won’t even notice all the zucchini in there!

Meal Studio Price & Mode of Payment

Price Range: Rs. 100 - Rs. 10,000
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Meal Studio Product/Service List:

Name Price
Black Chana (Kadala Curry), Aloo Fry with Paratha
Rs. 199.00
Coffee Chocolate Mousse
Rs. 79.00
Aam Panna
Rs. 55.00
Paneer Butter Masala (500g)
Rs. 319.00
Paneer Bhurji (500g)
Rs. 329.00
Butter Chicken (540g)
Rs. 399.00
Mango Phirni
Rs. 79.00
Coffee Chocolate Mousse
Rs. 79.00
Murgh Tikka Masala (540g)
Rs. 399.00
Gharwala Handi Chicken (with bone) (540g)
Rs. 359.00

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