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# About us
Gurukul is tried, tested and trusted name in the field of education. Though there are mushrooms of private institute in all parts of the city, but due to our unique and innovative curriculum we stand a class apart. Ever since its inception, the institute has always aimed at achieving and maintaining the highest standard of academic performance.
Gurukul is the most prominent and the fastest leading institute in Dungarpur. It has the correct ambience for imparting education which is capable of bringing about a series of ‘Human Unfoldment’, essential for a lifelong education. Gurukul works to impart quality education and all round personality development to the students, which will make them to face any challenge in this era of globalization and competition.
We believe that students are little computers just waiting to be programmed and this programme of children start in the family with the parents. The parents inculcate attitude, habits, sentiments and behavioral skill in children, which they feel would be important and useful to their children. The right selection of the institute for their child is essential part of parent’s life. Gurukul fulfills all the dreams of parents regarding their ward’s education and personality development.

The library is the ‘heart’ of any academic institution and plays an important role in all academic activities.
Our aim is not only to inculcate good reading habits amongst children but we also ensure that our students and faculty are provided the opportunity and resources to become informed citizens and lifelong learners. The school library provides information, ideas and develops knowledge that is so essential to functioning successfully in today’s information and knowledge based society. We have special CD-Rom library facility for learners.

# Facilities

* Science Lab:-
Well equipped science lab is a valuable asset for the school as it is where the students gain practical knowledge and its diverse application in day to day life we have all types of equipment regarding physics, Chemistry and biology sections. Digital projector in the lab helps the real-time subject related video playing from the sites.

* Computer Lab:-
Computers have brought about a revolution across all industries and have changed the face of society. They are indeed ruling society hence computer education is extremely important. To make our students computer friendly and technologically comfortable we introduce computers to our tiny tots using a play way method. We have a well practical designed. Curriculum for std. I to std. VIII. To give them hands-on-practice, we have well equipped & sufficient computers for primary & upper primary students. We have internet connection the teachers are well trained to handle office suites.

* Green Lawn(Garden):-
The school has a big green lawn for the morning prayer, annual sports meet, field games like, skipping, ring throw, PT display, March past and school sports competitions. Our tiny tots have separate. Play area with variety of play equipments like swings, sliding, see-saw etc.

* Games & Sports:-
In order to fulfill the quest to reach the desired goal, the school providers vivid indoor and outdoor sport students are encouraged and their talent is trapped in the right direction to help the potential players outshine at the sports field. The school campus is designed to provide ample space for conducting sports activities. All the facilities in terms of latest software and scholarships are awarded to national level players to motivate them to excel and perform. Gurukul has a big play ground to play outdoor game like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Volley-ball, Court cricket, Football, Hand-ball, Skating, Lawn-tennis & 200mtr Track. We have also indoor games facilities like Carom board, Chess, Snakes & ladders, Ludo, Table-tennis and Boxing etc.

* Health Care
A medical officer on regular basis checks physical growth of all the students and advises them for improvement in their health. Medical aid is given to all the students whether it is a sports injury or any other ailment. Adequate provision is kept to provide first aid and in emergency students are taken to specialists in a hospital.

* Conveyance
Transportation system is managed by the school authority for bringing students in the school from their home and dropping them. The school manages a fleet of 12 school buses.

* Class Rooms & Halls
Well ventilated, well lit with safe furniture spacious class rooms with big corridors is the base of our school. Multipurpose hall and the Activity Hall are extremely useful for academic as well as Co-curricular Activities, workshops, conferences etc. the halls are well lit and adequately ventilated. The halls are well equipped with projector, mike-rooms system, sound system etc. the staff rooms are extremely useful for the teachers. Sufficient drinking water facility, clean & sufficient separate toilets for girls, boys and staff completes the infrastructure.

Gurukul college Price & Mode of Payment

Price Range: Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 50,000
Pay via: cash,

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