About Fort Chandragupt

Fort Chandragupt is a centrally air conditioned heritage hotel with a 92 room inventory located in the centre of the city. The property and the room structure design has been blended in classic heritage with contemporary elegance. In a city where heritage buildings routinely are small in size the Fort Chandragupt Hotel is nothing small less than a high rise tower with multiple domes, arches and five floors. The hotel provides modern facilities and luxury accommodation at budget tariff.

With a roof top terrace of 8000 sq.ft which provides a commanding view of the aravalli range of mountains on top of which sits the city's most famous landmark the Nahargarh Fort and the view of the city on the other side. Also on the hotel terrace stand a group of domes one of the largest of their kind in Jaipur which add drama to the property's peaceful setting.

Fort Chandragupt Price & Mode of Payment

Price Range: Rs. 1,542 - Rs. 2,542
Pay via: cash,

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