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Home Delivery,Vegetarian Only,Indoor Seating,Desserts and Bakes

Good Bakers Price & Mode of Payment

Price Range: Rs. 100 - Rs. 500
Pay via: cash, upi, debitcard, creditcard

Good Bakers Product/Service List:

Name Price
Cheese Maggi
Rs. 60.00
KitKat Shake
Rs. 100.00
Virgin Mojito
Rs. 70.00
Lemoneez Mocktail
Rs. 60.00
Fruit Ganache Slice Pudding
Rs. 49.00
Fruit Touch O Touch Pudding
Rs. 49.00
Corn Pizza [9 inches]
Rs. 170.00
OTC Pizza [9 inches]
Rs. 160.00
Honey Chilly Potato
Rs. 80.00
Spring Roll
Rs. 140.00

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Mon 9am – 12midnight
Tue 9am – 12midnight
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Sun 9am – 12midnight
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