About The Raas Mahal, Jaipur - Watermelon Hotels

Known as ‘Pink City, Jaipur evokes rich culture and heritage from the Maharaja times of India. The opulence present in the city attracts many to discover and explore the histories and stories that built these great walls. Starting from traditional activities to experienceing the ultimate luxury in hospitlality, Jaipur is the ideal getaway destination.

Raas Mahal is the first property of Watermelon Hotels. Located in the heart of heritage in Jaipur, the property englightens guests with refreshing comfort and great hospitality. The aesthetically designed rooms, aromatic delicalies, and beautiful views will enhance the magic of the city even more for the guests.

The Raas Mahal, Jaipur - Watermelon Hotels Price & Mode of Payment

Price Range: Rs. 1,789 - Rs. 2,789
Pay via: cash,

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