"Smuggle, Slaughter Cows, You'll Be Killed," Warns Rajasthan BJP Lawmaker
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    The comments by Gyan Dev Ahuja have done nothing to calm the atmosphere of fear and volatility in Alwar following a series of cow vigilante attacks.

    JAIPUR:  A lawmaker of Rajasthan's ruling BJP, speaking on a the mob beating of an alleged cow smuggler on Saturday, has declared: "If you smuggle cows, you will be killed". Gyan Dev Ahuja, known for controversial statements, insisted that the man was never beaten up, that the truck fell on him.

    A man called Zakir Khan was arrested for cattle smuggling after he was pulled out of his truck and beaten by villagers on Saturday. The police had tried to stop his truck, in which there were eight cows, but Zakir allegedly drove through the barricades. The police also claim those in the truck fired at them. Villagers stopped the truck and attacked Zakir Khan. Three others with him ran away.

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