Multi-Millionaire Attacked On A Train. Aadhaar Card Reunites Him With Family
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    RAE BARELI, UTTAR PRADESH:  Aadhaar card, the world's largest domestic biometric identification system, may have been surrounded by controversies; but it proved to be a saviour for a man from Tamil Nadu. 

    Muttaiah Nadar, a multi-millionaire, had fallen prey to a gang, which intoxicated him on a train from Mumbai to the state. However, Aadhaar became the 'foundation' on which he was reunited with his family. 

    Mr Nadar did not know Hindi and had lost his way after he was intoxicated, but he managed to reach an ashram in Ralpur village in Rae Bareli district, according to Additional Superintendent of Police Shahi Shekhar Singh. He was initially mistaken for a beggar by Ralpur residents because of his appearance and mental state, Mr Singh said. 

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