Family Of Woman, Allegedly Trafficked To Saudi, Cries For Help
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    Another case of exploitation of an Indian national on a foreign land has come to light after family of a woman in Hyderabad has alleged that she was trafficked to Saudi Arabia on the pretext of job.

    As per Naseem Begum's family, an agent, identified as Bhanu, had offered her a job in Saudi Arabia, but she was employed as a maid at a house after reaching there.

    "Bhanu, approached us and promised to offer my sister a job in Saudi. Later, he took her to Mumbai and introduced her to another agent, Iqmat Ullah. He also assured us that she would be back in six months," the victim's sister Farheen told ANI on Friday.

    "The employers there deny her proper food and sleep, and make her work the whole day. My sister was sick and the employers are not even taking her to hospital for checkup," she added.

    Farheen further stated that,

    "We had requested Bhanu to bring Naseem back to India, but he is demanding three lakhs which he had paid to agents there. We have also requested (External Affairs Minister) Sushma Swaraj to rescue and bring her back to India".

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